Skill to Cash: How to Turn Any Skill into a Profitable Business

What You’re Getting From Skill to Cash 

In Skill to Cash, you’ll be shown:

✔️The most important thing about starting a business; (this is probably not what you think it is)

✔️How to dig up profitable business ideas; (this method will surprise you because it’s different from what some acclaimed “business gurus” tell people)

✔️How to validate your ideas for profitability; (using my quick formula)

✔️The 4 major markets every business belong in and how to choose the right market for your ideas; (plus how to scale up your ranking to the top 2 markets)

✔️How to define your perfect customer avatar;

(forget what you hear about customers. In this book you’ll be taught the WWH of the perfect customer avatar that brings money straight to your bank account)

✔️How to set up your online store on Shopify, Fiverr, blogs, etc; (using this step-by-step method)

✔️How to uptimize your social media accounts to attract high paying clients; (this is the No BS strategy)

✔️How to write a killer sales pitch;

(a great sales copy isn’t based on manipulation, but rather, helping your customers realize the benefits of what you’re selling. And that’s what I’m going to show you in this chapter)

✔️The 3 fundamental techniques to running a successful business no one is sharing;

(you’ve probably heard that to succeed in business you have to attract your ideal customers.

But how do you do that?

The 3 Ts will show you how in Part Three of the book including how to start earning immediately)

✔️Finally, you’ll be told the Does and Don’ts of successful businesses;

(believe me, if you ignore these rules, it is at your own peril, go ask those who are “once a business owner,” they’ll give you the gist)

And if you think starting a business is an age thing, there’s a section that’ll convince you otherwise.


Why You Should Get This Book Today

Unless you’re comfortable with your current financial situation, which if you are, then you ought not to bother with this. 

However, if you agree with me that you need more time with your family, that your days of giving excuses instead of money are over; if you agree with me that time is money and no one is here to stay forever, then you know you should get this book today.

And because this is quite a trying time for everyone, I've also been in the position where I had no money to invest in myself, I decided to provide this book at a reasonably affordable price.

I hope you will take advantage of this to create a better world for yourself and the people you'll be helping through your business.

I'm giving you the book for $9.99.

Inside the book you'll find a free gift, it's called: The 33 TOP-NOTCH Business Ideas. It's guide to help you out in case you run out of ideas; (worth $5.60.)

So no need to spend more.

I expect you just clicked BUY NOW because TIME waits for no one.

P. S. You also don’t have anything to worry about; the bonus will get you started.

P. S. S. Remember, the system in this book will have you running your business from anywhere in the world. Everything is automated. 


If by any chance, this book fails to live up to its expectations, if you discover that it doesn't deliver what its meant to (which is, of course, HIGHLY impossible) just get in touch and I'll refund your $9.99, I guarantee you that.

However, I want assure you that Skill to Cash is everything you need to get yourself from No idea to running your very own profitable business.

Just give it a try and see what happens. . .

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